9/4/19: What's in the Lab Wednesday

This week we have our Foam Tester. We use a 200 ml sample of oil as air is pushed through the long tube to make the oil foam. The foam must collapse in a certain amount of time to pass. This process is used to test the anti foam additives in lubricants.

Foam Tester

9/3/19: Meet the Team Tuesday

Welcome back to another team Shoco profile. Today we would like to introduce you to Lyle. This is Lyle’s second year with Shoco, he works as one of our Frac Fueling Technicians.

Fun Fact: Lyle loves long walks around a good lake and loves the Broncos.


8/30/19: Labor Day Closure

Happy Friday Everyone! In observance of Labor Day all 3 of our locations (Brighton, Commerce City, and Colorado Springs) will be closed Monday 9/2. We will resume normal hours at all locations on Tuesday 9/3. Have a great weekend!


8/29/19: How to Reduce Wear with a Clean Oil Program

Contaminants in your oil can cause your equipment harm. A clean oil program is where you need to start to help protect your equipment.

8/28/19: What's In the Lab Wednesday

What’s in the Lab Wednesday.

Here we are another Wednesday, other piece of equipment in our state of the art lab. Today we have the RDE (Rotating Disc Electrode Atomic Emission Spectrometer). In the most simple terms this machine analyzes 24 different elements within an oil sample, it’s also a fun one to watch!

Stop by next week for more.


8/22/19: We Aren't Afraid of Hard Work

Even the President of our company gets his hands dirty. We were excited to get these custom tanks into a longtime loyal customer’s shop.

8/21/19: What's In the Lab Wednesday

What’s in the Lab Wednesday!

Today we have our Karl Fischer machine. Simply put, this is the machine we use to to measure the amount of water in a sample. If you may think you have water in your lubricant this is what we would use to find out.

See you next week.

lab 821

8/19/19: Supporting the Fight Against Breast Cancer

The Shoco team enjoyed a day on the golf course supporting the fight against breast cancer in the T-off 4 Tatas golf tournament.


8/15/19: You Could be Eligible to Earn a Shoco Yeti!

If you haven’t seen our video by now we highly suggest you do, trust us you will get a good laugh out of it. You may also qualify to earn a Shoco Yeti! Go ahead… give it a watch.

8/14/19: What's In the Lab Wednesday!

Time for another segment of What’s In the Lab Wednesdays!
If you’ve been following along, a few weeks ago we debuted a machine called a Sonicator. Well now we have the next step in that process. After the sonicator remove all air bubbles from a sample we run it through this machine called the Laser Net Fines. The tube on the right draws in the sample where a small laser inside counts every particle in the oil and dispenses it again on the other side. Note that it does not count water or air bubbles. This then gives us a particle count per milliliter for that sample.

See you next week!


8/13/19: Time to Meet Another Member of our Team

Say hello to Ignacio.

Ignacio works at our Shoco Location in Commerce City handling trucks washes and warehouse duties for 20+ years.

Fun Fact: Ignacio used to box!


8/8/19: New Oil Is Not Clean Oil

At every exchange of custody oil gets more and more contaminants. Our ISOCLEAN program can guarantee your oil clean on delivery to your tanks and equipment.

Watch this video to see why your new oil might not be clean oil.

8/7/19: What's in the Lab Wednesday!

As a continuation from last week’s post, we move on in our process. After we pull the oil through the filter we then remove the filter and place it under a microscope. From there we can view all the contaminants in the oil sample that are invisible to the eye. This is called a “Patch Test”.


8/6/19: It's Tuesday... Time to Meet Another Member of Our Team

It’s Tuesday… Time to meet another member of our team.

Today we have Josh.

Josh has been working for Shoco just under 4 years, he is our everything maintenance man. Anything any one of our locations needs he is there to get it done.

Fun Fact: Josh loves to hunt and fish.


8/1/19: It's On the Road Again

Scott, Becky and Mike were on the road again last week. They were doing another skid roll out at Northern Metalic in Grand Prairie, Alberta Canada. They also got a cool opportunity to ride in this King Fischer, it was a bumpy ride.


7/31/19: It's Wednesday... So What's In Our Lab?

It’s Wednesday… so what is in our lab today!

Today we have our filtration stand and vacuum pump. With these machines we pour in 25 mg of an oil sample into the top of the stand. We then use the pumps to pull the oil through the filter. Why you ask? This is the first step to attain a “patch test” which we will show you next week. So make sure to stop by next Wednesday!

stand and pump

7/29/19: Why Does Your Equipment Need Clean Lubricants?

Clean lubricants are essential to your equipment’s health! If you still aren’t sure, take a look at this video that helps explain the benefits of clean oil and your machines.

7/24/19: What's In the Lab Wednesday

It’s time for another What’s In the Lab Wednesday!

Today we are featuring the Sonicator. This machine vibrates to remove all air bubbles for a sample to prepare it to be run through our featured machine next week. Take a look!

Soni (2)

7/23/19: Meet the Team Tuesday

Welcome back to another Meet the Team Tuesday!

Today we have Rodney. Rodney has been working for Shoco for just over two years now and is our salesman for the Shoco Springs location.

Fun Fact: Rodney has been all over the world. 37 states and 29 countries to be exact. His favorite thing to do while traveling is trying the local cuisine.


7/15/19: New Oil Is Not Clean Oil

New oil, is not clean oil. Did you know at every step in the chain of custody there are opportunities for contamination in your oil? With our ISOCLEAN program, you can be guaranteed your oil is clean.

7/16/19: Meet the Team Tuesday

It’s Tuesday… you know what that means, another Meet the Team Tuesday!

Meet Kayla

Kayla works at our Commerce City location helping with Accounts Receivable and if you fuel up there you have probably seen her working the front counter. Kayla has now been working for Shoco just under a year.

Fun Fact: Kayla loves to go camping.


7/10/19: We Have A New Wednesday Segment

We have a new segment called:


If you don’t know already we have a state of the art oil testing lab at our Colorado Springs location. Every Wednesday we will show you a piece of equipment and what it does.

Our first piece of equipment is the VISCOMETER.

Put simply this piece of equipment tests a lubricants viscosity, or thickness and each tube measures different ranges. The smallest tube on the left requires the least amount of lubricant and the tube on the right requires the most, all less than a milliliter. Since the volume is so small, we use a micropipette to dispense into the viscometer. We can measure at multiple temperatures, most often our temperatures for measurement are 40C and 100C but we do have the occasional deviation.

See you next Wednesday!


7/9/19: Springs Update

We are very excited about this Springs update. Today we got our new doors and glass put into the new conference room. (Don’t mind the blue tape) Head over to our Facebook page and tell us what you think!


7/4/19: Happy 4th of July!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy 4th of July. Enjoy your day!


7/3/19: 4th of July Closures

In observance of the 4th of July, all our locations (Commerce City, Brighton, and Colorado Springs) will be closed on Thursday, and reopen on Friday 7/5.

7/2/19: We are on Instagram!

We are now on Instagram! Go follow us under Shoco Oil. While you are at it, make sure you are following us on all our other platforms Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube.


7/1/19: Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day to our neighbors to the North.

canada day

6/28/19: Happy Friday!


6/25/19: Meet the Team Tuesday

We are back again with Meet the Team Tuesday.

Today we’d like you to meet Aimee.

Aimee is our Lab Manager at our Shoco Springs location and has been working for Shoco for 2 years.

Fun Fact: Aimee loves lifting weights and keeping fit!


6/21/19: Happy First Day of Summer

Happy first day is Summer! 🌞🌻 Looks like we are entering the season with some weather coming in and a chillier weekend. Head over to our Facebook page to show us what your first day of summer looks like.

first day of summer

6/20/19: Throwback Thursday: The Beginning

Today we are throwing it back all the way to the beginning of Sam Hill Oil. Did you know Sam Hill Oil Inc. began in 1947 when Sam Hill Sr., an Amoco agent, started his own business as an Amoco Jobber.


6/18/19: Meet the Team Tuesday

Today we’d like to introduce you to Paul!

Paul is our head in-house engineer. Any technical questions you may have, he has an answer for you. He works out of our Colorado Springs office.

Paul has been with Shoco for 14 years.

Fun Fact: Paul is a painter!


6/17/19: This Is Why You Need the ISOCLEAN Program

Have you ever had bearing problems or failures? Machinery Lubrication says 42% of lubrication professionals say contamination is the most common cause. Our ISOCLEAN program was design for this reason. Talk to a salesman to see how we can help protect your equipment.

6/13/19: Springs Update

Our Springs location is coming together great! Check out the latest update of our expanded lab, new conference room and updated entry way. We can’t wait to see the finished product!


6/6/19: Remembering D-Day

On the 75th anniversary of D-Day we remember all the brave men and women that risked and gave their lives so that we may live free.


5/31/19: Beti is Back With Another Hint

It’s Friday! Here is our last hint before the big reveal next week. Check back to see what we have coming!


5/28/19: Springs Update

We have another Springs remodel update. Things are coming along very nicely, we are expanding our lab and reconstructing our whole front walk in area. We will have more updates soon!


5/27/19: Memorial Day

Today we remember all the men and women who died protecting our freedom. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day.


5/21/19: Meet Beti... The Yeti!

We would like to introduce you to Beti the Yeti! Along with Sammy she will be helping announce our exciting new promotion coming in June!


5/15/19: It's Sammy!

By now you have all met Sammy, our Shoco Oil oil drop. He is going to help us make our big announcement in June. Check back and see what we are up to!


5/13/19: Your Choice of Lubricant Can Have a Big Impact Financially

It is not only the health of your equipment your choice of lubricant can have on your business. It can also significantly effect your bottom line. See how HERE.

5/12/19: Happy Mother's Day!


5/10/19: Shoco Springs Makeover Update

We have a new update from our Shoco Springs renovation. We are making some headway in expanding our lab, creating a new conference room, and redoing the front entry way.


5/8/19: Shoco Springs

It’s been a gloomy week but we got a little bit of sunshine at our Shoco Springs location yesterday.


5/7/19: A Shoco Truck in the Making

Here is a behind the scenes look at one of our new fuel trucks. We make sure that each product has its own dedicated line. Pretty cool!


5/3/19: We Have Something We Want to Show You...

We have a very special announcement coming in June. Make sure to check back to see what it could be.

Tease 1

5/1/19: Happy May Day!

Happy first day of May! It may be a gloomy one but we have some flowers already starting to peak out!

May Day

4/29/19: Introducing Our New Filtration Skid

That’s right! We are now working to clean fuel. Our brand new fuel filtration skid has made its way from TX and is safely in CO! Big thank you to Duffy Crane & Hauling, Inc. for helping us unload today.

FS 2
FS 3

4/24/19: Marketing Team In San Ramon, CA

Shelby and Bethany spent the day at the Chevron Headquarters in San Ramon, CA. Chevron was having their annual Marketing Execution Workshop for it’s 1st Source Elite marketers.

S and B

4/23/19: Meet the Team Tuesday!

Say hello to Jimmy!

Jimmy has been working with Shoco in our Springs location for 2 years. He is our Springs warehouse manager.

Fun Fact: Jimmy loves to throw darts.


4/22/19: Welcome Baby Emmett to the Shoco Family

We are excited to offer our congratulations to our own Lynn Else on her brand new grand baby Emmett. Both baby and mom are happy and healthy.


4/22/19: First Source Elite Marketer

Shoco was awarded the title of Chevron First Source Elite Marketer again for 2018. This title is only given to the top marketers in the nation and we are the only Elite marketer in CO!

4/21/19: Happy Easter to Everyone!

4/15/19: Shoco Springs is Getting an Update!

Exciting news! We have started construction in our Shoco Springs location. We will be expanding our lab, updating our conference room and entry way. We are excited to see how it turns out.

Springs 1
Springs 2
Springs 3

4/3/19: Special Episode Tonight!

There is a special back to back 2 hour Lifted Life special tonight on NBCSN starting at 10:30am! See if you can spot Shoco and send us a screenshot, you might win something special!


4/2/19: Meet the Team!

Welcome back to a new week of Meet the Team Tuesday.

This week we have our Director of Sales, Mike Huber. Mike has been with Shoco for 8 1/2 years now.

Fun Fact: Mike played baseball against Jim Abbott when he was 15 years old. Very cool!

Stop by again next week to meet someone new!

Mike MTT

3/14/19: A Little Weather Doesn't Stop Us

Last night we stayed on our generator power to fuel the Adams County Government fleet so they could clear the roads and stayed on through the night to keep the National Guard fueled


3/11/19: What Is Your Oil's True Contamination?

What is your oil’s true contamination? We can also help with that at our state of the art testing lab at our Colorado Springs location. Contact your sales person today.

3/8/19: Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day to all the strong, smart, and amazing women in our company and out there in the world.

2/26/19: Meet the Team Tuesday!

We are back with Meet the Team Tuesday!
We have a few new faces in our organization and today we would like to introduce you to Megan!


Megan is pretty new and started working at our Shoco Springs location about 8 months ago. She is one of our awesome lab ladies who helps analyze all samples that come into our lab to get tested.


Fun Fact: Megan moved out here from Philly about a month before she started working for us and she loves explore and hike around Colorado.


2/21/19: Training Day

We spent a great two days in our Springs location with Chevron working on training and our ISOCLEAN program. Thank you to all that attended.

Chv Train2
Chv Train1

2/18/19: Shoco Oil Would Like to Wish You a Happy President's Day


2/14/19: Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine Sammy

2/12/19: Scott and Mike in Bogota

Scott and Mike are at it again, they recently spent a week in Bogota, Columbia to set a skid and do some ISOCLEAN training. The ISOCLEAN program is worldwide and still picking up steam. Stay tuned to see where is goes next.

Columbia 1
Columbia 2
Columbia 4

2/6/19: We are growing!

Midwest Standings
Overall Rank

1/29/19: It's Tuesday... You Know What That Means

That’s right, episode 3 of the Lifted Life airs tonight on NBCSN at 10:30pm. Look out for our oil drop!


1/22/19: Don't Forget to Tune In

Don’t forget tonight is episode 2 of the Lifted Life. You can watch it on NBCSN at 10:30pm. Keep an eye out for our Shoco oil drop and send us a screen shot!

LL 2

1/21/19: Today We Celebrate and Remember

Today we celebrate and remember the great Dr Martin Luther King Jr and his dream.


1/17/19: I Spy the Oil Drop

Did you get a chance to watch the Lifted Life’s first episode of the new season? Did you catch our oil drop, because we did! Keep watching every Tuesday and look out for Shoco!

Drop on LL

1/15/19: We Have Some News!

As we mentioned a while back, we became a proud sponsor of the Lifted Life. They are finally back for season five and on a brand new prime time network. You can catch all their episodes now on NBCSN every Tuesday at 10:30! Even if you miss it you can always re-watch episodes on Amazon Prime. So keep a close eye out for anything Shoco.

LL Still

1/8/19: Our New Sign is Up!

As mentioned before we are making some upgrades at each of our locations. Our new building signs for our Commerce City location were put up yesterday and we think they look great! Tell us what you think on our Facebook page.

New Sign

1/3/19: What's Going on at Shoco?

Do you notice something different about our building? We have something very exciting coming next week, stay tuned!

Bare Naked Shoco


We made it through another year. We want to give a big thank you to all of our amazing customers and employees. We can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store. Happy New Year!

New Year

12/31/18: We Want You to Stay Safe this New Year's Eve

It’s almost time for a fresh start and a new year. We want you to stay safe and have a fun evening. Here are a few tips to remind you to stay alert and have fun!

Safe New Years

12/28/18: Canopy Remodel Continues...

The next step on our canopy remodel went up today. Tell us what you think on our Facebook page.

Canopy drop 1
Canopy drop 2
Canopy drop 3

12/25/18: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our Shoco family, and Sammy our oil drop, to yours. Have a safe and fun holiday!

Christmas Sammy

12/21/18: Holiday Hours

Can you believe Christmas is here already? Here is a list of our holiday hours in case you need some last minute product.

Holiday Hours

12/19/18: We Are Putting Our Oil Drop Everywhere

We made a small change to our grease packaging and put our oil drop on it. Tell us what you think!


12/7/18: Another Day, Another Truck

Here is a look at our newest truck in the fleet. Fresh off the detail line from Diversified Body and Paint Shop.

Truck 1
Truck 2

12/6/18: We Updated our Canopy!

We are making some changes to our Commerce City location and our first step is our canopy. We got a fresh new look but that is just the start, there is more to come!

Canopy 1
Canopy 2

12/4/18: We Got a New Sign!

Have you been to our Brighton location lately? We got a small face lift with some new signage. What do you think?

Brighton Drop
Brighton Lit up

11/22/18: Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving  - text in vintage letterpress wood type blocks against rustic wood background with a pumpkin and dry leaves

11/21/18: It's Turkey Eve

It’s Thanksgiving Eve! What are your thanksgiving plans? Here are a few tips to make sure that you have a safe turkey day.

Safe Turkey

11/12/18: Proactive Maintenance

It’s important to have a Proactive Maintenance Approach to help protect your equipment.

11/11/18: Veterans Day

Thank you to all that have served to protect our freedoms.


10/31/18: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from all of us here at Shoco Oil. Be safe, and enjoy your treats!


10/29/18: Don't Forget to Vote

Many of Colorado’s leaders believe that Proposition 112 will devastate our state. We must act now. Join us in voting NO ON 112. We are Energy Proud.

Prop 112 Opposition

10/25/18: Countdown Vote No 112

Only 12 days left to make a difference. Vote no on 112 and don’t set Colorado back!

12 Days

10/17/18: We Aren't Quite Done Yet

We’ve added another bobtail truck to our fleet. Here is a look at it before we put our Shoco look on it.


10/15/18: We Have A New Look

Have you noticed our fresh new look? We partnered with Service Uniform to create our one of a kind Shoco look. Head over to our Facebook page and tell us what you think!

Sam Hill Unis
Shoco Unis

10/12/18: VOTE NO ON 112! We are Colorado Oil and Gas. #Energyproud

Vote No1

10/8/18: Save Your Machines

We cannot stress enough the importance of contamination control. Noria and Machinery Lubrication explains “How Controlling Three Contaminants Significantly Reduces Machine Failures”.

10/2/18: Have You Met Becky? She's Kind of a Big Deal.

Meet the Team Tuesday:

Meet Becky our Owner and General Manager. Becky has been a part of Shoco/Sam Hill Oil her entire life as her grandpa started Sam Hill back in 1947.

Fun Fact: Becky’s first job with Sam Hill was in the warehouse. Her lease favorite job we inventory and her favorite was loading up the trucks.

Next time you are in our Brighton office say Hi to Becky!


9/28/18: New Truck

Our new truck is almost done, check out those details!

Truck Detail

9/24/18: Do You Have Bearing and Gear Failures?

It has been identified that particle contamination in your lubricants could be to blame. Our ISOCLEAN program can help you protect your equipment from failure.

9/21/18: Flash Back Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! We don’t know if you know this, but, we do so much more than just deliver your fuel and lubricants. Here is our team in Williston, ND flushing a 12 inch line at a natural gas plant in 2012. Check out all that Shoco Industrial Solutions can offer.

Lindy P 1
Lindy Plant

9/20/18: Vote No 112

Vote no

Anti-energy groups are pushing an extreme ballot measure for November aimed at accomplishing one thing: banning oil and natural gas development in Colorado. If passed, these reckless energy setbacks would wipe out thousands of jobs and devastate our economy for years to come. What can you do?

  1. Make sure to check that your voter registration is up to date.
  2. If you are not registered to vote, register here now.

Vote NO 112

9/11/18: 17th Anniversary of 9/11


9/10/18: Garden Update

It’s a beautiful day here in Colorado so it is time for our garden update. At our Sam Hill location they were able to grow some lovely watermelons (one was taken by a hail storm. At our Shoco location we are growing a variety of tomatoes and jalapenos. How is your garden looking? Head over to our Facebook page and send us a picture of your garden.


9/4/18: How to Control and Avoid Lubricant Contamination

We hope everyone had a great long Labor Day weekend, but now it’s back to the grind. It’s time to start reassessing your lubrication program. If you are having issues with your equipment there is a good chance it is caused by contamination in your oil. See here how you can do better.

8/27/18: Is You Lubrication Program Costing or Saving you Money?

See here how to measure your lubrication programs effectiveness on your companies bottom line.

8/20/18: Contaminants Don't Discriminate Based on Equipment Type

It doesn’t matter what type of equipment you are using, your oil must be contaminant free. Check it out here.

8/7/18: Dirt Isn't the Only Contaminant Plaguing Your Oil

Water can wreck havoc on your oil and the life of your equipment. Here are some ways to remove it.

8/5/18: Another Year Back at the Adams County Fair Livestock Auction

Shoco is dedicated to supporting the community, and one of our favorite ways to do that is to support the livestock fair. What a fun event!

Fair 1
Fair 2

7/31/18: Back Again with a New Meet the Team Tuesday

Say Hello to George.

George has been working with Shoco and Sam Hill for about 5 years now. He helps with all of our driver maintenance and some of your orders too.

Fun Fact: George loves working on old cars.

You may see him at any of our locations, so if you do say hi!


7/30/18: New Filtration Skid

Exciting morning at Shoco Springs, we set our 3rd filtration skid in our bulk plant. What do you think?


7/30/18: Here Are A Few Mistakes You Could Be Making With Your Hydraulics

Hint: One could be your oil.

7/23/18: New Truck!

We have added yet another truck to our fleet, made specially on the Peterbilt assembly line. Now it just needs a little bit of detail.

New Truck 3
New Truck 2
New Truck 1

7/18/18: Sneak Peek

We are very close to starting some exciting changes at our Shoco Commerce City location. Here is a sneak peek of what’s to come with “Operation Facelift”.

Operation Facelift Sneak

7/16/18: Your "New" Oil is Not Clean

Just because your oil is new, doesn’t mean it’s clean. Here is another article to show why our ISOCLEAN program is so important. We can help!

7/12/18: It's Filming Day

If you don’t know already we are a proud sponsor of the TV show Lifted Life on Discoveries Velocity channel. Today we were able to do some fun filming with the crew, so make sure you tune in for this season and see if you can spot us!

Becky Filming

6/15/18: Filters Just Don't Cut It

Even your filters aren’t doing enough to clean up your oil. Here is why our ISOCLEAN program is the answer you’ve been looking for.

6/12/18: Scott and Mike Made it to Iowa!

This week they will be spending time training Hovden Oil on our ISOCLEAN program and how to use the filtration skid. Is your oil clean?


6/4/18: Proud Sponsor of the PSCA Race Series

This past weekend we were at the first PSCA race of the season! We have the pleasure to be a proud sponsor for all the cars. The next race is June 30th so come out and watch! Look our for our Shoco stickers on all the cars.


5/29/18: Here We Go Again With Another Meet the Team Tuesday!

This is Shelli!

Shelli has worked with Shoco for over 2 years now at our Sam Hill, Brighton location and does our accounting.

Fun Fact: Some of Shelli’s favorite things include camping, boating, Mexican food, and margaritas!

Next time you are at Sam Hill say hey to Shelli!


4/24/18: We Are Back With Another Meet the Team Tuesday!

Say hello to Janie!

Janie has worked with Shoco for 12 years at our Commerce City location and does all our accounts receivable.

Fun Fact: Janie enjoys doing yard work and spending time with her grand kids.

Next time you are here at Shoco say hey to Janie.


4/23/18: Even the President of Shoco Gets His Hands Dirty

Scott was out this morning with a few of our salesmen helping a customer. We aren’t afraid to get a little grease on our hands for you.

Scott Facebook

3/30/18: Exciting New Updates at Sam Hill in Brighton

Our Sam Hill office in Brighton is getting a much needed face lift! Stop by and see the progress so far.

Sam Hill 1
Sam Hill 2

3/27/18: 10 Important Things You Should Know About Particle Contamination

Learn more about particle contamination HERE.

3/13/18: Have you met Shelby?

It’s another Tuesday, you know what that means. Time to meet another member of the Shoco team. This week we have Shelby.

Shelby has been working with Shoco at our Commerce City location for about 3 1/2 years now. She does all of our Marketing and Inside Sales.

Fun Fact: Shelby plays and coaches ice hockey. Her girls team that she helps coach is going to the National Championship next month!

Next time you are at Shoco say hi!


3/12/18: What You Can't See, Can Hurt You

Does the topic of oil cleanliness confuse you? Luckily Chevron has made it easy to understand. Click Here to check it out!

3/2/18: Oh where, oh where have Scott and Mike been?

Scott and Mike spent the week with Hampel Oil training their team on our ISOCLEAN program. It looks like they had a great time as always.


2/21/18: Meet Keli!

It’s time for another installment of Meet the Team.

It may be a day late but it’s still time to meet a new member of our team. Today we have Keli!

Keli has been working at our Sam Hill location in Brighton for almost a year and a half. She is our Fuel and Oil truck dispatcher. She makes sure all your orders get to you when you need them.

Fun Fact: Keli loves fishing! Side note: She doesn’t actually do any of the fishing but her title when out there is the “Official Pole Watcher” and she is extrememly proud of that title. Haha!

Next time you are in Brighton, say hello to Keli!


2/13/18: This week on Meet the Team...

Up this week we have Cristal

Cristal works in our Sam Hill office in Brighton in Accounts Receivable and she does the billing for our lubricants.


Fun Fact: Cristal is a major foodie. She loves to try new foods and restaurants and is willing to try just about anything, as long as it’s not alive.

Next time you are at our Brighton office say Hi to Cristal!


2/6/18: Another Round of Meet the Team Tuesday

This week we have one of our awesome drivers German.

German has been with us for just under 2 years, he is an oil driver.

Fun fact about German is that he loves watching football and loves cookies.


1/31/18: Hey It's Stacy!

It’s time to meet another member of our awesome Shoco team.

This week we have Stacy

Stacy has been with Shoco Oil at our Sam Hill location in Brighton for about a year and a half.

Stacy loves to play volleyball, go fly fishing, and red wine.

Stop by to say hi to Stacy today!


1/23/18: It's Time for Another Meet the Team Tuesday!

This week we have PAT!

Pat is starting her 19th year working at our Brighton office and Sam Hill Oil at the age of 80.

She works in Accounts Receivable and does all of the billing for diesel and gasoline.

Here is an awesome Fun Fact about Pat:

Pat went to school to learn the “Art of Clowning and created her own clown character “Gerti” in 1982. From there she clowned in hospitals, pediatrics and nursing homes. She retired from this wonderful part of her life in 2002.

Stop by and say hi to Pat!


1/17/18: What's Happening Wednesday

Scott and Mike are on the road… again. Redwood Coast Fuels in CA saw the importance of clean oil and wanted to get in on the ISOCLEAN program with a new filtration skid.

Redwood Fuels

1/16/18: It's Lynn!

It’s time for another installment of “Meet the Team Tuesday”. This week we have Lynn!

Lynn is the office manager for our Commerce City location and has been working with Shoco Oil for 16 years.

Fun Fact: Lynn and her family spend a lot of time on the race tracks racing their car with Heads Up Drag Racing.

Stop by and say hi to Lynn!


1/15/18: Do you know what ISO Codes are and what they mean for your oil?

codes 1
codes 2

1/12/18: We Do Some Cool Things!

If you have been to our Springs location in the last day you would have seen a giant 200 ton crane. Well we were doing vacuum dehydration and filtration to clean this big piece of equipment.

crane samples

1/11/18: TBT: Throw Back Thursday

TBT to the first ISOCLEAN filtration skid we put into the Colorado Springs location. Now we have 3 working full time!


1/10/18: It's time for What's Happening Wednesdays!

We have some very exciting news and plans for our Shoco Oil Commerce City location. Stay tuned for more information.

Floor Plan

1/9/18: Have You Met Ralph?

Welcome to our first installment of “Meet the Team Tuesdays”. Each Tuesday we will be introducing a new member of the Shoco Oil team. So be sure to check back every Tuesday to see the faces of the people that help make this company run smoothly.


Meet Ralph!

Ralph has been working with Shoco Oil for 2 years. He is the Warehouse Coordinator, responsible for fulfilling all the order for our customers.

A fun fact about Ralph is that he loves football and has had a passion for the game his entire life.


1/8/18: 5 Best Practices for Maintenance Managers

If you work with equipment you understand the importance of keeping it up and running.

Best Practices

1/2/18: Happy New Year to All!

It’s a new year which mean a fresh start for you and your maintenance program. Our ISOCLEAN program is here to help you do that in three easy steps.




12/18/17: Do you meet your equipment manufacturer's oil cleanliness specifications? Your first step is to START CLEAN.

10/31/17: We Are On LinkedIn

Head over to LinkedIn and find our page under Sam Hill Oil Inc & Shoco Oil Inc

10/25/17: Do you know the truth about particle contamination? Do you know the harm in does to your equipment?

Machinery Lubrication explains the danger of particle contamination in your oil. Read Here

10/24/17: Becky had a great first time driving a haul truck at the RMC. Look at her skills!


10/19/17: Scott and Becky stopped by the Chevron ISOCLEAN booth at the Chevron Reliability Maintenance Conference this week.


10/5/17: Out and About Scott and Mike were at the impressive Woodford Oil facility in West Virginia rolling out another filtration skid. Where will they go next?


8/11/17: Where Was Our ISOCLEAN Program This Week?

Can you guess where Scott and Mike were off traveling this week for another ISOCLEAN roll out They were in North Carolina!


8/9/17: Shoco Loves Giving Back

Shoco had a great time at the Adams County Fair 4H Auction!


7/27/17: WE ARE HIRING!

Shoco and Sam Hill Oil are looking for CDL class A and B fuel and oil drivers and drivers’ helpers. Anyone looking for a driving job or know someone please send them our way. Helpers do not need to have experience. Applications and resumes can be dropped off at Sam Hill Oil 725 S Main St, Brighton, CO Or fax to 303-659-5696 Spread the word!

7/20/17: Scott and Mike spent the week in Toledo for another ISOCLEAN rollout


7/17/17: FACT: Clean Oil Extends the Life of Your Equipment

7/5/17: The Important Truth of Having a Clean Lube Room

6/14/17: Scott and Mike our travelling gnomes are out on the road in NJ rolling out yet another filtration skid!


6/6/17: Congratulations to our salesman Ryan and his wife Katie on their healthy 9lb 9oz baby boy born this afternoon!

6/6/17: Shoco sets another ISOCLEAN Filtration Skid into the Colorado Springs Bulk Plant


6/5/17: Why do some machines last longer than others?

5/8/17: The Hail Storm of 2017!

Monday was quite a day here at Shoco Oil. At noon we had Shelby and Ignacio planting flower in the front of the building. At 3pm we had the major hail storm that rolled through, cars took shelter in our fueling bays. Lastly at 4pm we had the aftermath of the storm with a leaking roof. What a day!

Planting Flowers

4/20/17: We've expanded the ISOCLEAN program to Canada!

Montreal 2

Scott and Mike spent a busy week in Montreal, Canada rolling out another filtration skid. Where will we go next?

Montreal 1

3/29/17: It's a fact that contamination damages your equipment, but do you know how much damage it actually does?

3/13/17: Did you watch Gold Rush?

If you did you saw that Shoco Oil fuels Freddy Dodge and his team for all his mining endeavors.

Shoco 1
Shoco 2

2/13/17: Congratulations Western Disposal!

Toolbox Winner

2/6/17: We Have A Toolbox Winner!!

We added up the gallons and had the help of one of our awesome customers to pull the lucky name out of the hard hat. And the winner is…….  WESTERN DISPOSAL! Congratulations!

TB Pick 1
TB Pick 2

1/30/17: Just because your oil doesn't "look" dirty doesn't mean it isn't causing wear and harm to your equipment.

1/26/17: Where are Scott and Mike??

Scott and Mike spent the week in Bakersfield, California rolling out another filtration skid. The importance of clean oil is bigger than ever.

B 1
B 2
B 3
B 4

1/23/17: Part 2 of simple solutions to meet your equipment manufacturers oil cleanliness specs.

1/16/17: Machinery Lubrication posted 15 of the best lubrication tips for the new year.

Check it out! 15 Best Lubrication Tips

1/9/17: Here are some simple solutions you can implement to meet your OEM's cleanliness specs.

12/15/16: Where Are Scott and Mike? They spent the week in North Carolina rolling out another filtration skid.


12/7/16: Chevron Transition Recommendation Guide

Check out this new Chevron Transition Recommendation Guide to understand what new products will work best for your equipment and the new benefits.

12/5/16: On December 1st Chevron launched a new and improved Delo 400 product line to meet new emissions standards.

Here is Chevron’s press release about these exciting new products.

11/23/16: There is a common misconception that new oil is clean.

Machinery Lubrication by Noria Corp explains what you do when your oil has high particle counts. Click the link to read more.

11/17/16: Contamination Control: The Silent Disease

Noria Corp explains how contamination can harm your equipment and steps you can take to help keep your lubricants clean. Check out the link to learn more.

10/27/16 Becky, Scott and Mike spent the week in California at the Chevron Leadership forum. Scott gave a presentation on the importance of clean oil and the ISOCLEAN Program.

Scott 3
Scott 1

10/25/16 Check out the new ISOCLEAN website to get all the information on Chevron's ISOCLEAN Certified Lubricants including the new ISOCLEAN calculator.

10/20/16 The seasons are changing and it is getting colder. Do you know the freeze point of your coolant? These charts can help.

Freeze Point 1
Freeze Point 2
Freeze Point 3

9/28/16 Shoco Oil spent the week at the Delo ISOCLEAN booth at the 2016 Mine Expo


9/13/16 Scott and Mike just rolled out another ISOCLEAN filtration system in Slinger, WI


Chevron and Noria Launch New ISOCLEAN CALCULATOR


Now it is easier than ever to evaluate your lubricant cleanliness, learn how to extend your equipment life and save on your bottom line. The clean oil movement is growing quickly and now is your time to get involved. To learn more about the calculator check out these links.

Our Shoco Springs state of the art lab is officially recognized by ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials)


Shoco Springs Bulk Fuel Farm Is Soon To Be Up And Running!

Springs Tanks 2
Springs Tanks




Scott Hohnstein and Mike Huber performing the deployment of the official launch of the Chevron ISOCLEAN Certified Lubricants in Mexico!

Chevron ISOCLEAN launch - Monterrey Mexico

Mexico Trip

SAM HILL OIL / SHOCO OIL wins 1st place in the City of Brighton Festival of Lights Parade with our "Sam Hill Express"!! Check it out




Read the blog at Chevron Lube Matters- Part 2 of the "Importance of Clean Oil"

CHV Announces new "TorqForce Transmission Fluid."