High-Quality Products and Unparalleled Service Are The Foundation Of Our Business


  • Chevron Certified ISOCLEAN Lubricants
  • Chevron Lubricants Company
  • Shoco Oil Lubricants
  • BioBlend Lubricants


  • Unleaded, Mid-Grade and Premium Gasoline
  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (taxed on-road)
  • Dyed Diesel (non-taxed off-road)
  • Biodiesel
  • Kerosene
shoco (17)

VP Racing Fuels

Colorado’s only VP Racing Fuels distributor offering a wide variety of leaded and un-leaded race fuels. For more information, contact Lynn Else.


  • Anti-Freeze/Coolant
  • Extended Life Anti-Freeze/Coolant
  • Shoco Oil Anti-Freeze/Coolant
  • DEX-COOL Anti-Freeze/Coolant

Tanks & Equipment

We sell tanks, pumps and other equipment for fuel and lubricant storage that meet DOT & EPA requirements from 250 gallons up.

We are a Graco Diamond Distributor.



We deliver/ship our products in tubes, quarts, gallons, 2 1/2 gallons, 5 gallon pails, 35 lb pails, 16 gallon kegs, 120 lb kegs, 55 gal drums, 375-41 lb drums, and in bulk.