Sam Hill Oil

725 South Main Street, Brighton, CO, 80601

Sam Hill Oil’s facility consists of a 3 acre site which hosts a 5 bay gas and diesel fuel station. The Station is Mobil branded. This station is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a major credit card or the Sam Hill Oil or Shoco Oil proprietary card. The bulk fuel plants totals 150,000 gallons for gas, clear and red diesel, extended life antifreeze, kerosene and Stoddard solvent. There is also a 7000 sq ft. warehouse and a 35,000 gallon bulk lubricants plant.

Shoco Oil, Inc.

5135 East 74th Avenue Commerce City, CO, 80037

Shoco Oil’s facility consists of a 12 acre site which hosts an 8 bay commercial fueling island, Biodiesel, and a red off road diesel island. These fueling islands are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a weeks with major credit card or Shoco Oil or Sam Hill Oil proprietary card. The unique storage facility for fuels totals 50,000 gallons. There is a 22,000 sq. ft. warehouse and a 36,000 gallon bulk plant for lubricants. The newly built bulk lubricants plant is constructed using state of the art storage tanks, tank monitoring system, dedicated lines, and product family pumps. There is also a complete bank of reels for convenient and efficient loading for construction service trucks. The truck wash is also located at this facility.

Shoco Springs

7981 RedGranite Loop Colorado Springs, CO, 80939

Shoco Oil recently completed a bulk fuel and lubricants facility located in Colorado Springs, just east of Powers Blvd.  This facility includes a 100,000 gallons bulk fuel plant as well as a state of the art bulk finished lubricants storage and packaging plant.  This bulk oil plant will be stocked with Chevron Isoclean lubricants, the only lubricants to be cleaned to meet OEM Isocleanliness specification prior to delivery.  The Chevron Isoclean lubricants are also Certified by Chevron.  This location is open and available for customer deliveries as well as customer walk in business.  Colorado Springs also is equipped with a full in-service oil analysis laboratory.  The lab maintains the capability to test for Isocleanliness, viscosity, wear metals and foam.