Shoco Oil, Inc. Services

Oil Analysis

  • The Shoco Oil Colorado Springs oil analysis lab is a state of the art in-service oil analysis laboratory.
  • Hosting two Laser Net Fines instruments to accurately analyze and certify oil ISOcleanliness.
  • This lab is the certification point for all lubricants certified through the Chevron ISOCLEAN Certified Lubricants Program.
  • The only program in the country to provide certified clean oil to the end user customer.

Shoco Premium Diesel Programs

  • Summer & Winter
  • Test tanks for water (Beacon Bomb).
  • Test tanks for bacteria (on site 2 day results).
  • Treat contaminated tanks with biocide.
  • Spot test for cold filter plug point, cloud and pour point, cetane index, API gravity (during Winter months).
  • Provide state of the art injection of Shoco additive
  • Click here to learn more about the Shoco Premium Diesel Program

Installation of Fuels & Lubricants

  • Extensive knowledge of state, EPA, and NFTA requirements for removals.

Tank Equipment & Sales

  • Design & installation of equipment specific to your site and needs.
  • Extensive experience with site, EPA, and NFTA requirements.

Sam Hill Oil & Shoco Oil Are Prepared To Fulfill All Your Lubricants & Fuel Requirements

  • 24 hr commercial cardlock fueling for gas, clear/red diesel, biodiesel.
  • Truck wash facility.
  • Convenient loading of all products for the construction service truck.
  • Bulk oil and fuel delivery.
  • Shoco premium diesel fuels and program.
  • Custom design, sales and installation of lubricants, storage and dispensing systems using Graco equipment.
  • Plant Lubrication Survey.
  • Lubricant Optimization
  • ISOCLEAN Services Program:
  • Bore Scope Analysis.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Knowledge and service oriented staff and sales team.
  • State wide associate distributor network.

As the premier full-service fuel and lubricant supplier for Colorado, Sam Hill Oil Inc. & Shoco Oil Inc. are pleased to offer the following:

  • A complete line of Automotive, Industrial and Commercial Lubricants.
  • A complete Bulk & Package inventory.
  • Technical support staff.
  • Plant surveys and troubleshooting with a fully qualified engineering support staff.

LubeWatch Oil Analysis Program

The Chevron LubeWatch Oil Analysis Program is designed to give Chevron’s lube oil customers peace of mind. It guards against catastrophic equipment failure and provides a sound basis for planning cost effective preventative maintenance programs.

LubeWatch determines the “health” of your equipment through periodic laboratory analysis of the on-the-job condition of your lube oil. Such analysis can help maximize equipment life, extend oil drain intervals, and prevent costly downtime through early detection of break-in wear and contamination.