The Other Side Academy Partnership

This summer Shoco Oil has partnered with The Other Side Academy, a 501(c)(3) public, non-profit organization in Denver for adults who are battling addiction, substance abuse,  experiencing homelessness or facing long term incarceration. Committing to a 30 month stint at The Other Side Academy, students go through a rigorous method of personal growth and change by learning how to be prosocial, accountable as well as maintain a full time job at one of The Other Side’s vocational training schools. 

With the partnership, Shoco donated 60 gallons premium oil products to the auto mechanics vocational program where students learn how to maintain cars, moving trucks and learn valuable skills that will help acquire jobs after they successfully complete the 30 month program. These vehicles are an important piece to the program because not only do they serve as learning tools, they fulfill the need of transportation for the students in the program. They’re also the  main vehicles used  for The Other Side’s Furniture Boutique and Moving & Storage facilities where students work. 

“The oil donation received from Shoco Oil helps us to maintain our fleet of moving trucks which are vital to our self-reliance. It also gives the students in our automotive training program the opportunity to learn marketable job skills” – Alicia Kirkpatrick, student at The Other Side Academy. 

Shoco is proud to give back to the Denver community and help those doing the hard work to change their lives for the better.

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