Making Assumptions…  

One of the biggest misconceptions when buying oil is that “new oil” to the consumer is assumed to be “clean oil”. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  

When a lubrication product makes its way through the supply chain, with each stop in production there is an opportunity for contaminants such as dust, dirt and bacteria to make their way into the product. Why is this an issue? A little dirt never hurt anyone, right? When you put the “new oil” into your equipment, those contaminants (regardless of how small they are) are going to cause breakdown over time which can mean putting a pause on projects and work that needs to be done.  

In addition to contaminants creeping into oil during production, there is also a high probability that oil can become contaminated due to poor site management; failure to manage and upkeep the oil’s cleanliness condition, not having the best handling practices of the product and not storing the product properly all lead to lubricants  

Time is money, and this rings true as one grounding reason to be using clean oil in your equipment.  

How to Get Clean Oil 

Consumers may think that using filters and following a maintenance schedule is all that’s needed, but even with these preventative measures in place there’s a high chance that the oil being replaced and put into the equipment is not as clean as it could be. 

The ISOCLEAN® program we created is one of a kind and provides consumers with certified clean lubricants that have been proven to extend the life of components two times longer. Our ISOCLEAN® Certified Lubricants meet the OEM requirements as well as the equipment manufacturer’s cleanliness and performance specs. We test the oil multiple times to ensure the cleanliness is where it needs to be.  

Bottom line: we can get you on the right track with our clean oil program. We will start you with clean oil and create a schedule to monitor the cleanliness of your oil which will in turn keep your products clean.  

Contact us today to get more information on how to get started with making the oil you use clean.

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